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For businesses that use ink, image is everything. In the digital world, achieving quality printing from inkjet cartridges and ink ribbons requires excellence in ink manufacturing to match the equipment's exact standards. Image Specialists, Inc. has been trusted by manufacturers, recyclers and distributors worldwide to satisfy their highest requirements for over three decades. Whatever the need, Image Specialists will help you to identify and deliver solutions that can confer significant improvements in product quality and performance. Image Specialists lets you avoid the risk and expense of poor production or inferior quality so that you can operate with confidence and satisfaction. Aside from inkjet inks, our assurance of excellence embraces the production of a full spectrum of ribbon inks: computer record, matrix, OCR/bar code, fluorescent security, and many other specialty inks. You see, for us, just like you, creating the best printing image is not just our business, it's our specialty.
Better Ink Research and Science
Our company emphasizes superior, cutting-edge ink chemistry and production technology to deliver inks that perfectly match OEM printing specifications. The reliability of our research delivers exact compatibility. The precision of our quality control ensures batch consistency and uniformity. And the efficiency of our manufacturing and engineering process enables us to offer a complete line of stock and custom ink solutions for every business application in the printer market. With experienced chemists and engineers, we maintain one of the most advanced analytical and testing facilities in the industry. From custom formulations to ink-sample and raw-material analysis, our high-tech computerized lab obtains the most exacting quality control for every batch of ink we produce. The outcome is a unique blending of ink formulas, as distinct and precise as your needs -- the design of perfect ink solutions to ensure that your products consistently deliver sharp and vibrant impressions to satisfy your markets.
Superior Manufacturing Environment
After research and formulation, Image Specialists applies cutting edge manufacturing technology to provide precise quality control and peak manufacturing efficiency. Sustaining the gains of superior R & D, our state-of-the-art automated production facility in Long Island, New York is a showcase of environmental safety and cleanliness. It incorporates optimum methods of ink production including filtered dust collection and ventilation units, customized fluid-transfer systems, high- speed mixing and grinding equipment and advanced filtration systems. Our teams of expert technicians carefully harmonize the entire process to guarantee consistent, accurate ink quality, efficient production and timely output. We retain samples of every manufactured batch of ink and carefully document its values for future reference. The end result is consistent ink quality, batch after batch, time after time.
Customized Relationships
Image Specialists delivers on its commitment to unequaled service through open exchange and fluid lines of communication with our customers. We develop business partnerships that can help you in many ways:

  • Do you need new or custom inks for a special application?
  • Are you embarking on product or project development?
  • Is there a difficult color or quality that needs replication?
  • Do you have a tight immovable deadline or delivery schedule?
  • Does a current product need improvement or alteration?
  • Are you interested in going into the imaging business?
  • Are you looking for a reliable alternate source?

These are just some of the reasons for adding Image Specialists to your supply or support network of ink manufacturers.
Personalized Service
Our computerized order entry department works diligently to make certain that all orders are promptly and accurately filled. Our New York location is ideal as a shipping and trucking point to all U.S. and world centers of trade and commerce. We can satisfy demand from ample stocks to enable just-in-time manufacturing with no downtime. Bulk storage of high volume inks and raw materials can provide you with speedy dispatch and additional savings. We guarantee customer satisfaction in terms of product quality, competitive pricing and prompt shipments of goods. Our commitment to our customers is high-with friendly service, professional technical support and competitive pricing. You will benefit greatly from our over three decades of experience as an ink developer and manufacturer for the computer printer industry.

Our Company
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