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Model Name/NumberCartridge IDDetailsColorInk TypeImage Specialists Ink
EPSON®    Black CyanMagentaYellowOther
STYLUS C88T060420 DetailsYELLOW PIGMENT       WJ7031   
STYLUS COLOR S020034 DetailsBLACK DYE BASE WJ175         
STYLUS COLOR S020036 DetailsCMYDYE BASE   WJ248  WJ642  WJ723   
STYLUS COLOR 1160 S020089 DetailsCMYDYE BASE   WJ2025  WJ693  WJ762   
STYLUS COLOR 1160 S020108 DetailsBLACK DYE BASE WJ190         
STYLUS COLOR 1160 S020189 DetailsBLACK DYE BASE WJ190         
STYLUS COLOR 1160 S020191 DetailsCMYDYE BASE   WJ2025  WJ693  WJ762   
STYLUS COLOR 1500 S020049 DetailsCMYDYE BASE   WJ244  WJ638  WJ719   
STYLUS COLOR 1500 S020062 DetailsBLACK DYE BASE WJ118         
STYLUS COLOR 1520 S020089 DetailsCMYDYE BASE   WJ2025  WJ693  WJ762   
STYLUS COLOR 1520 S020108 DetailsBLACK DYE BASE WJ190         
STYLUS COLOR 1520 S020189 DetailsBLACK DYE BASE WJ190         
STYLUS COLOR 1520 S020191 DetailsCMYDYE BASE   WJ2025  WJ693  WJ762   
STYLUS COLOR 200 S020047 DetailsBLACK DYE BASE WJ171         
STYLUS COLOR 200 S020097 DetailsCMYDYE BASE   WJ2025  WJ693  WJ762   
STYLUS COLOR 300 S020138 DetailsBLACK DYE BASE WJ190         
STYLUS COLOR 300 S020138 DetailsCMYDYE BASE   WJ2025  WJ693  WJ762   
STYLUS COLOR 3000 S020118 DetailsBLACK DYE BASE WJ190         
STYLUS COLOR 3000 S020122 DetailsYELLOW DYE BASE       WJ762   
STYLUS COLOR 3000 S020126 DetailsMAGENTA DYE BASE     WJ693     

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