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Model Name/NumberCartridge IDDetailsColorInk TypeImage Specialists Ink
EPSON®    Black CyanMagentaYellowOther
STYLUS CX3800T060220 DetailsCYAN PIGMENT   WJ2070       
STYLUS CX3800T060320 DetailsMAGENTA PIGMENT     WJ6147     
STYLUS CX3800T060420 DetailsYELLOW PIGMENT       WJ7031   
STYLUS CX3810T060120 DetailsBLACK (MATTE) PIGMENT WJ1082         
STYLUS CX3810T060220 DetailsCYAN PIGMENT   WJ2070       
STYLUS CX3810T060320 DetailsMAGENTA PIGMENT     WJ6147     
STYLUS CX3810T060420 DetailsYELLOW PIGMENT       WJ7031   
STYLUS CX4100T0621 DetailsBLACK (MATTE) PIGMENT WJ1082         
STYLUS CX4100T0631 DetailsBLACK (MATTE) PIGMENT WJ1082         
STYLUS CX4100T0632 DetailsCYAN PIGMENT   WJ2070       
STYLUS CX4100T0633 DetailsMAGENTA PIGMENT     WJ6104     
STYLUS CX4100T0634 DetailsYELLOW PIGMENT       WJ7031   
STYLUS CX4200T060120 DetailsBLACK (MATTE) PIGMENT WJ1082         
STYLUS CX4200T060220 DetailsCYAN PIGMENT   WJ2070       
STYLUS CX4200T060320 DetailsMAGENTA PIGMENT     WJ6147     
STYLUS CX4200T060420 DetailsYELLOW PIGMENT       WJ7031   
STYLUS CX4400T088120 DetailsBLACK (MATTE) PIGMENT WJ1082         
STYLUS CX4400T088220 DetailsCYAN PIGMENT   WJ2070       
STYLUS CX4400T088320 DetailsMAGENTA PIGMENT     WJ6104     
STYLUS CX4400T088420 DetailsYELLOW PIGMENT       WJ7031   

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