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Model Name/NumberCartridge IDDetailsColorInk TypeImage Specialists Ink
LEXMARK®    Black CyanMagentaYellowOther
Z605 10N0227 (#27) DetailsCMYDYE BASE   WJ268  WJ663  WJ743   
Z615 10N0016 (#16) DetailsBLACK PIGMENT WJ1020         
Z615 10N0026 (#26) DetailsCMYDYE BASE   WJ268  WJ663  WJ743   
Z615 10N0217 (#17) DetailsBLACK PIGMENT WJ1020         
Z615 10N0227 (#27) DetailsCMYDYE BASE   WJ268  WJ663  WJ743   
Z65 18L0000 (#88) DetailsCMYDYE BASE   WJ268  WJ663  WJ741   
Z65 18L0032 (#82) DetailsBLACK PIGMENT WJ1020         
Z65 18L0042 (#83) DetailsCMYDYE BASE   WJ268  WJ663  WJ741   
Z65n 18L0000 (#88) DetailsCMYDYE BASE   WJ268  WJ663  WJ741   
Z65n 18L0032 (#82) DetailsBLACK PIGMENT WJ1020         
Z65n 18L0042 (#83) DetailsCMYDYE BASE   WJ268  WJ663  WJ741   
Z65p 18L0032 (#82) DetailsBLACK PIGMENT WJ1020         
Z65p 18L0042 (#83) DetailsCMYDYE BASE   WJ268  WJ663  WJ741   
Z705 12A1990 (#90) DetailsPHOTO BLACK DYE BASE WJ1018         
Z705 12A1990 (#90) DetailsPHOTO CMDYE BASE   WJ282  WJ678     
Z705 15M0120 (#20) DetailsCMYDYE BASE   WJ268  WJ663  WJ741   
Z705 15M0125 (#25) DetailsCMYDYE BASE   WJ268  WJ663  WJ741   
Z705 16G0055 (#55) DetailsBLACK PIGMENT WJ1020         
Z705 17G0050 (#50) DetailsBLACK PIGMENT WJ1020         
Z715 12A1990 (#90) DetailsPHOTO BLACK DYE BASE WJ1018         

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