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Desktop Inks
Model Name/NumberCartridge IDDetailsColorInk TypeImage Specialists Ink
HEWLETT PACKARD®    Black CyanMagentaYellowOther
OfficeJet Pro 251 dwCN045AN (HP 950XL)DetailsBLACK  PIGMENT  WJ1197         
OfficeJet Pro 251 dwCN046AN (HP 951XL)DetailsCYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2149       
OfficeJet Pro 251 dwCN047AN (HP 951XL)DetailsMAGENTA  PIGMENT      WJ6217     
OfficeJet Pro 251 dwCN048AN (HP 951XL)DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        WJ7076   
OfficeJet Pro 251 dwCN049AN (HP 950)DetailsBLACK  PIGMENT  WJ1197         
OfficeJet Pro 276dw MFPCN045AN (HP 950XL)DetailsBLACK  PIGMENT  WJ1197         
OfficeJet Pro 276dw MFPCN046AN (HP 951XL)DetailsCYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2149       
OfficeJet Pro 276dw MFPCN047AN (HP 951XL)DetailsMAGENTA  PIGMENT      WJ6217     
OfficeJet Pro 276dw MFPCN048AN (HP 951XL)DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        WJ7076   
OfficeJet Pro 276dw MFPCN049AN (HP 950)DetailsBLACK  PIGMENT  WJ1197         
OFFICEJET PRO 8000C4902AN (HP 940)DetailsBLACK  PIGMENT  WJ1168         
OFFICEJET PRO 8000C4903AN (HP 940)DetailsCYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2121       
OFFICEJET PRO 8000C4904AN (HP 940)DetailsMAGENTA  PIGMENT      WJ6172     
OFFICEJET PRO 8000C4905AN (HP 940)DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        WJ7050   
OFFICEJET PRO 8000C4906AN (HP 940)DetailsBLACK  PIGMENT  WJ1168         
OFFICEJET PRO 8000C4907AN (HP 940)DetailsCYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2121       
OFFICEJET PRO 8000C4908AN (HP 940)DetailsMAGENTA  PIGMENT      WJ6172     
OFFICEJET PRO 8000C4909AN (HP 940)DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        WJ7050   
OfficeJet Pro 8100CN045AN (HP 950XL)DetailsBLACK  PIGMENT  WJ1197         
OfficeJet Pro 8100CN046AN (HP 951XL)DetailsCYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2149       
OfficeJet Pro 8100CN047AN (HP 951XL)DetailsMAGENTA  PIGMENT      WJ6217     
OfficeJet Pro 8100CN048AN (HP 951XL)DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        WJ7076   
OfficeJet Pro 8100CN049AN (HP 950)DetailsBLACK  PIGMENT  WJ1197         
OFFICEJET PRO 8500C4902AN (HP 940)DetailsBLACK  PIGMENT  WJ1168         
OFFICEJET PRO 8500C4903AN (HP 940)DetailsCYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2121       
OFFICEJET PRO 8500C4904AN (HP 940)DetailsMAGENTA  PIGMENT      WJ6172     
OFFICEJET PRO 8500C4905AN (HP 940)DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        WJ7050   
OFFICEJET PRO 8500C4906AN (HP 940)DetailsBLACK  PIGMENT  WJ1168         
OFFICEJET PRO 8500C4907AN (HP 940)DetailsCYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2121       
OFFICEJET PRO 8500C4908AN (HP 940)DetailsMAGENTA  PIGMENT      WJ6172     
OFFICEJET PRO 8500C4909AN (HP 940)DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        WJ7050   
OfficeJet Pro 8600CN045AN (HP 950XL)DetailsBLACK  PIGMENT  WJ1197         
OfficeJet Pro 8600CN046AN (HP 951XL)DetailsCYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2149       
OfficeJet Pro 8600CN047AN (HP 951XL)DetailsMAGENTA  PIGMENT      WJ6217     
OfficeJet Pro 8600CN048AN (HP 951XL)DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        WJ7076   
OfficeJet Pro 8600CN049AN (HP 950)DetailsBLACK  PIGMENT  WJ1197         
OfficeJet Pro 8600 PlusCN045AN (HP 950XL)DetailsBLACK  PIGMENT  WJ1197         
OfficeJet Pro 8600 PlusCN046AN (HP 951XL)DetailsCYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2149       
OfficeJet Pro 8600 PlusCN047AN (HP 951XL)DetailsMAGENTA  PIGMENT      WJ6217     
OfficeJet Pro 8600 PlusCN048AN (HP 951XL)DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        WJ7076   
OfficeJet Pro 8600 PlusCN049AN (HP 950)DetailsBLACK  PIGMENT  WJ1197         
OfficeJet Pro 8600 PremiumCN045AN (HP 950XL)DetailsBLACK  PIGMENT  WJ1197         
OfficeJet Pro 8600 PremiumCN046AN (HP 951XL)DetailsCYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2149       
OfficeJet Pro 8600 PremiumCN047AN (HP 951XL)DetailsMAGENTA  PIGMENT      WJ6217     
OfficeJet Pro 8600 PremiumCN048AN (HP 951XL)DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        WJ7076   
OfficeJet Pro 8600 PremiumCN049AN (HP 950)DetailsBLACK  PIGMENT  WJ1197         
OfficeJet Pro 8610CN045AN (HP 950XL)DetailsBLACK  PIGMENT  WJ1197         
OfficeJet Pro 8610CN046AN (HP 951XL)DetailsCYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2149       
OfficeJet Pro 8610CN047AN (HP 951XL)DetailsMAGENTA  PIGMENT      WJ6217     
OfficeJet Pro 8610CN048AN (HP 951XL)DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        WJ7076   
OfficeJet Pro 8610CN049AN (HP 950)DetailsBLACK  PIGMENT  WJ1197         
OfficeJet Pro 8620CN045AN (HP 950XL)DetailsBLACK  PIGMENT  WJ1197         
OfficeJet Pro 8620CN046AN (HP 951XL)DetailsCYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2149       
OfficeJet Pro 8620CN047AN (HP 951XL)DetailsMAGENTA  PIGMENT      WJ6217     
OfficeJet Pro 8620CN048AN (HP 951XL)DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        WJ7076   
OfficeJet Pro 8620CN049AN (HP 950)DetailsBLACK  PIGMENT  WJ1197         
OfficeJet Pro 8630CN045AN (HP 950XL)DetailsBLACK  PIGMENT  WJ1197         
OfficeJet Pro 8630CN046AN (HP 951XL)DetailsCYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2149       
OfficeJet Pro 8630CN047AN (HP 951XL)DetailsMAGENTA  PIGMENT      WJ6217     
OfficeJet Pro 8630CN048AN (HP 951XL)DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        WJ7076   
OfficeJet Pro 8630CN049AN (HP 950)DetailsBLACK  PIGMENT  WJ1197         
Wide Format Inks
Model Name/NumberCartridge IDDetailsColorInk TypeImage Specialists Ink
EPSON    Black CyanMagentaYellowOther
STYLUS PRO 11880T591100DetailsBLACK (PHOTO)  PIGMENT  WJ1122         
STYLUS PRO 11880T591200DetailsCYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2070       
STYLUS PRO 11880T591300DetailsVIVID MAGENTA PIGMENT      WJ6156     
STYLUS PRO 11880T591400DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        WJ7031   
STYLUS PRO 11880T591500DetailsLIGHT CYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2082       
STYLUS PRO 11880T591600DetailsVIVID LIGHT MAGENTA PIGMENT      WJ6157     
STYLUS PRO 11880T591700DetailsBLACK (LIGHT)  PIGMENT  WJ1114         
STYLUS PRO 11880T591800DetailsBLACK (MATTE)  PIGMENT  WJ1082         
STYLUS PRO 11880T591900DetailsLIGHT, LIGHT BLACK PIGMENT  WJ1124         
STYLUS PRO 4800T605100DetailsBLACK (PHOTO)  PIGMENT  WJ1122         
STYLUS PRO 4800T605200DetailsCYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2070       
STYLUS PRO 4800T605400DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        WJ7031   
STYLUS PRO 4800T605500DetailsLIGHT CYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2082       
STYLUS PRO 4800T605700DetailsBLACK (LIGHT)  PIGMENT  WJ1114         
STYLUS PRO 4800T605900DetailsLIGHT, LIGHT BLACK PIGMENT  WJ1124         
STYLUS PRO 4800T613800DetailsBLACK (MATTE)  PIGMENT  WJ1082         
STYLUS PRO 4880T605100DetailsBLACK (PHOTO)  PIGMENT  WJ1122         
STYLUS PRO 4880T605200DetailsCYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2070       
STYLUS PRO 4880T605300DetailsVIVID MAGENTA PIGMENT      WJ6156     
STYLUS PRO 4880T605400DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        WJ7031   
STYLUS PRO 4880T605500DetailsLIGHT CYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2082       
STYLUS PRO 4880T605700DetailsBLACK (LIGHT)  PIGMENT  WJ1114         
STYLUS PRO 4880T605900DetailsLIGHT, LIGHT BLACK PIGMENT  WJ1124         
STYLUS PRO 4880T613800DetailsBLACK (MATTE)  PIGMENT  WJ1082         
STYLUS PRO 7700T5961DetailsBLACK (PHOTO)  PIGMENT  WJ1122         
STYLUS PRO 7700T5962DetailsCYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2070       
STYLUS PRO 7700T5963DetailsVIVID MAGENTA PIGMENT      WJ6156     
STYLUS PRO 7700T5964DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        WJ7031   
STYLUS PRO 7700T5968DetailsBLACK (MATTE)  PIGMENT  WJ1082         
STYLUS PRO 7700T6361DetailsBLACK (PHOTO)  PIGMENT  WJ1122         
STYLUS PRO 7700T6362DetailsCYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2070       
STYLUS PRO 7700T6363DetailsVIVID MAGENTA PIGMENT      WJ6156     
STYLUS PRO 7700T6364DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        WJ7031   
STYLUS PRO 7700T6368DetailsBLACK (MATTE)  PIGMENT  WJ1082         
STYLUS PRO 7700T6421DetailsBLACK (PHOTO)  PIGMENT  WJ1122         
STYLUS PRO 7700T6422DetailsCYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2070       
STYLUS PRO 7700T6423DetailsVIVID MAGENTA PIGMENT      WJ6156     
STYLUS PRO 7700T6424DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        WJ7031   
STYLUS PRO 7700T6428DetailsBLACK (MATTE)  PIGMENT  WJ1082         
STYLUS PRO 7800T602100DetailsBLACK (PHOTO)  PIGMENT  WJ1122         
STYLUS PRO 7800T602200DetailsCYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2070       
STYLUS PRO 7800T602400DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        WJ7031   
STYLUS PRO 7800T602500DetailsLIGHT CYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2082       
STYLUS PRO 7800T602700DetailsBLACK (LIGHT)  PIGMENT  WJ1114         
STYLUS PRO 7800T602900DetailsLIGHT, LIGHT BLACK PIGMENT  WJ1124         
STYLUS PRO 7800T603100DetailsBLACK (PHOTO)  PIGMENT  WJ1122         
STYLUS PRO 7800T603200DetailsCYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2070       
STYLUS PRO 7800T603400DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        WJ7031   
STYLUS PRO 7800T603500DetailsLIGHT CYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2082       
STYLUS PRO 7800T603700DetailsBLACK (LIGHT)  PIGMENT  WJ1114         
STYLUS PRO 7800T603900DetailsLIGHT, LIGHT BLACK PIGMENT  WJ1124         
STYLUS PRO 7800T611800DetailsBLACK (MATTE)  PIGMENT  WJ1082         
STYLUS PRO 7800T612800DetailsBLACK (MATTE)  PIGMENT  WJ1082         
STYLUS PRO 7880T602100DetailsBLACK (PHOTO)  PIGMENT  WJ1122         
STYLUS PRO 7880T602200DetailsCYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2070       
STYLUS PRO 7880T602300DetailsVIVID MAGENTA PIGMENT      WJ6156     
STYLUS PRO 7880T602400DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        WJ7031   
STYLUS PRO 7880T602500DetailsLIGHT CYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2082       
STYLUS PRO 7880T602700DetailsBLACK (LIGHT)  PIGMENT  WJ1114         
STYLUS PRO 7880T602900DetailsLIGHT, LIGHT BLACK PIGMENT  WJ1124         
STYLUS PRO 7880T603100DetailsBLACK (PHOTO)  PIGMENT  WJ1122         
STYLUS PRO 7880T603200DetailsCYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2070       
STYLUS PRO 7880T603300DetailsVIVID MAGENTA PIGMENT      WJ6156     
STYLUS PRO 7880T603400DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        WJ7031   
STYLUS PRO 7880T603500DetailsLIGHT CYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2082       
STYLUS PRO 7880T603700DetailsBLACK (LIGHT)  PIGMENT  WJ1114         
STYLUS PRO 7880T603900DetailsLIGHT, LIGHT BLACK PIGMENT  WJ1124         
STYLUS PRO 7880T611800DetailsBLACK (MATTE)  PIGMENT  WJ1082         
STYLUS PRO 7880T612800DetailsBLACK (MATTE)  PIGMENT  WJ1082         
STYLUS PRO 7900T5961DetailsBLACK (PHOTO)  PIGMENT  WJ1122         
STYLUS PRO 7900T5962DetailsCYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2070       
STYLUS PRO 7900T5963DetailsVIVID MAGENTA PIGMENT      WJ6156     
STYLUS PRO 7900T5964DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        WJ7031   
STYLUS PRO 7900T5965DetailsLIGHT CYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2082       
STYLUS PRO 7900T5967DetailsBLACK (LIGHT)  PIGMENT  WJ1114         
STYLUS PRO 7900T5968DetailsBLACK (MATTE)  PIGMENT  WJ1082         
STYLUS PRO 7900T5969DetailsLIGHT, LIGHT BLACK PIGMENT  WJ1124         
STYLUS PRO 7900T596ADetailsORANGE PIGMENT          WJ6169 
STYLUS PRO 7900T596BDetailsGREEN  PIGMENT          WJ420 
STYLUS PRO 7900T6361DetailsBLACK (PHOTO)  PIGMENT  WJ1122         
STYLUS PRO 7900T6362DetailsCYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2070       
STYLUS PRO 7900T6363DetailsVIVID MAGENTA PIGMENT      WJ6156     
STYLUS PRO 7900T6364DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        WJ7031   
STYLUS PRO 7900T6365DetailsLIGHT CYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2082       
STYLUS PRO 7900T6367DetailsBLACK (LIGHT)  PIGMENT  WJ1114         
STYLUS PRO 7900T6368DetailsBLACK (MATTE)  PIGMENT  WJ1082         
STYLUS PRO 7900T6369DetailsLIGHT, LIGHT BLACK PIGMENT  WJ1124         
STYLUS PRO 7900T636ADetailsORANGE PIGMENT          WJ6169 
STYLUS PRO 7900T636BDetailsGREEN  PIGMENT          WJ420 
STYLUS PRO 7900T6421DetailsBLACK (PHOTO)  PIGMENT  WJ1122         
STYLUS PRO 7900T6422DetailsCYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2070       
STYLUS PRO 7900T6423DetailsVIVID MAGENTA PIGMENT      WJ6156     
STYLUS PRO 7900T6424DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        WJ7031   
STYLUS PRO 7900T6425DetailsLIGHT CYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2082       
STYLUS PRO 7900T6427DetailsBLACK (LIGHT)  PIGMENT  WJ1114         
STYLUS PRO 7900T6428DetailsBLACK (MATTE)  PIGMENT  WJ1082         
STYLUS PRO 7900T6429DetailsLIGHT, LIGHT BLACK PIGMENT  WJ1124         
STYLUS PRO 7900T642ADetailsORANGE PIGMENT          WJ6169 
STYLUS PRO 7900T642BDetailsGREEN  PIGMENT          WJ420 
STYLUS PRO 9700T5961DetailsBLACK (PHOTO)  PIGMENT  WJ1122         
STYLUS PRO 9700T5962DetailsCYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2070       
STYLUS PRO 9700T5963DetailsVIVID MAGENTA PIGMENT      WJ6156     
STYLUS PRO 9700T5964DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        WJ7031   
STYLUS PRO 9700T5968DetailsBLACK (MATTE)  PIGMENT  WJ1082         
STYLUS PRO 9700T6361DetailsBLACK (PHOTO)  PIGMENT  WJ1122         
STYLUS PRO 9700T6362DetailsCYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2070       
STYLUS PRO 9700T6363DetailsVIVID MAGENTA PIGMENT      WJ6156     
STYLUS PRO 9700T6364DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        WJ7031   
STYLUS PRO 9700T6368DetailsBLACK (MATTE)  PIGMENT  WJ1082         
STYLUS PRO 9700T6421DetailsBLACK (PHOTO)  PIGMENT  WJ1122         
STYLUS PRO 9700T6422DetailsCYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2070       
STYLUS PRO 9700T6423DetailsVIVID MAGENTA PIGMENT      WJ6156     
STYLUS PRO 9700T6424DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        WJ7031   
STYLUS PRO 9700T6428DetailsBLACK (MATTE)  PIGMENT  WJ1082         
STYLUS PRO 9800T602100DetailsBLACK (PHOTO)  PIGMENT  WJ1122         
STYLUS PRO 9800T602200DetailsCYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2070       
STYLUS PRO 9800T602400DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        WJ7031   
STYLUS PRO 9800T602500DetailsLIGHT CYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2082       
STYLUS PRO 9800T602700DetailsBLACK (LIGHT)  PIGMENT  WJ1114         
STYLUS PRO 9800T602900DetailsLIGHT, LIGHT BLACK PIGMENT  WJ1124         
STYLUS PRO 9800T603100DetailsBLACK (PHOTO)  PIGMENT  WJ1122         
STYLUS PRO 9800T603200DetailsCYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2070       
STYLUS PRO 9800T603400DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        WJ7031   
STYLUS PRO 9800T603500DetailsLIGHT CYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2082       
STYLUS PRO 9800T603700DetailsBLACK (LIGHT)  PIGMENT  WJ1114         
STYLUS PRO 9800T603900DetailsLIGHT, LIGHT BLACK PIGMENT  WJ1124         
STYLUS PRO 9800T611800DetailsBLACK (MATTE)  PIGMENT  WJ1082         
STYLUS PRO 9800T612800DetailsBLACK (MATTE)  PIGMENT  WJ1082         
STYLUS PRO 9880T602100DetailsBLACK (PHOTO)  PIGMENT  WJ1122         
STYLUS PRO 9880T602200DetailsCYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2070       
STYLUS PRO 9880T602300DetailsVIVID MAGENTA PIGMENT      WJ6156     
STYLUS PRO 9880T602400DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        WJ7031   
STYLUS PRO 9880T602500DetailsLIGHT CYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2082       
STYLUS PRO 9880T602700DetailsBLACK (LIGHT)  PIGMENT  WJ1114         
STYLUS PRO 9880T602900DetailsLIGHT, LIGHT BLACK PIGMENT  WJ1124         
STYLUS PRO 9880T603100DetailsBLACK (PHOTO)  PIGMENT  WJ1122         
STYLUS PRO 9880T603200DetailsCYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2070       
STYLUS PRO 9880T603300DetailsVIVID MAGENTA PIGMENT      WJ6156     
STYLUS PRO 9880T603400DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        WJ7031   
STYLUS PRO 9880T603500DetailsLIGHT CYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2082       
STYLUS PRO 9880T603700DetailsBLACK (LIGHT)  PIGMENT  WJ1114         
STYLUS PRO 9880T603900DetailsLIGHT, LIGHT BLACK PIGMENT  WJ1124         
STYLUS PRO 9880T611800DetailsBLACK (MATTE)  PIGMENT  WJ1082         
STYLUS PRO 9880T612800DetailsBLACK (MATTE)  PIGMENT  WJ1082         
STYLUS PRO 9900T5961DetailsBLACK (PHOTO)  PIGMENT  WJ1122         
STYLUS PRO 9900T5962DetailsCYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2070       
STYLUS PRO 9900T5963DetailsVIVID MAGENTA PIGMENT      WJ6156     
STYLUS PRO 9900T5964DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        WJ7031   
STYLUS PRO 9900T5965DetailsLIGHT CYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2082       
STYLUS PRO 9900T5967DetailsBLACK (LIGHT)  PIGMENT  WJ1114         
STYLUS PRO 9900T5968DetailsBLACK (MATTE)  PIGMENT  WJ1082         
STYLUS PRO 9900T5969DetailsLIGHT, LIGHT BLACK PIGMENT  WJ1124         
STYLUS PRO 9900T596ADetailsORANGE PIGMENT          WJ6169 
STYLUS PRO 9900T596BDetailsGREEN  PIGMENT          WJ420 
STYLUS PRO 9900T6361DetailsBLACK (PHOTO)  PIGMENT  WJ1122         
STYLUS PRO 9900T6362DetailsCYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2070       
STYLUS PRO 9900T6363DetailsVIVID MAGENTA PIGMENT      WJ6156     
STYLUS PRO 9900T6364DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        WJ7031   
STYLUS PRO 9900T6365DetailsLIGHT CYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2082       
STYLUS PRO 9900T6367DetailsBLACK (LIGHT)  PIGMENT  WJ1114         
STYLUS PRO 9900T6368DetailsBLACK (MATTE)  PIGMENT  WJ1082         
STYLUS PRO 9900T6369DetailsLIGHT, LIGHT BLACK PIGMENT  WJ1124         
STYLUS PRO 9900T636ADetailsORANGE PIGMENT          WJ6169 
STYLUS PRO 9900T636BDetailsGREEN  PIGMENT          WJ420 
STYLUS PRO 9900T6421DetailsBLACK (PHOTO)  PIGMENT  WJ1122         
STYLUS PRO 9900T6422DetailsCYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2070       
STYLUS PRO 9900T6423DetailsVIVID MAGENTA PIGMENT      WJ6156     
STYLUS PRO 9900T6424DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        WJ7031   
STYLUS PRO 9900T6425DetailsLIGHT CYAN  PIGMENT    WJ2082       
STYLUS PRO 9900T6427DetailsBLACK (LIGHT)  PIGMENT  WJ1114         
STYLUS PRO 9900T6428DetailsBLACK (MATTE)  PIGMENT  WJ1082         
STYLUS PRO 9900T6429DetailsLIGHT, LIGHT BLACK PIGMENT  WJ1124         
STYLUS PRO 9900T642ADetailsORANGE PIGMENT          WJ6169 
STYLUS PRO 9900T642BDetailsGREEN  PIGMENT          WJ420 
DESIGNJET Z2100C9390A (HP 70)DetailsLIGHT CYAN  PIGMENT    STS-441       
DESIGNJET Z2100C9448A (HP 70)DetailsMATTE BLACK PIGMENT  STS-435         
DESIGNJET Z2100C9449A (HP 70)DetailsPHOTO BLACK  PIGMENT  STS-436         
DESIGNJET Z2100C9451A (HP 70)DetailsLIGHT GRAY  PIGMENT          STS-437 
DESIGNJET Z2100C9452A (HP 70)DetailsCYAN  PIGMENT    STS-438       
DESIGNJET Z2100C9453A (HP 70)DetailsMAGENTA  PIGMENT      STS-439     
DESIGNJET Z2100C9454A (HP 70)DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        STS-440   
DESIGNJET Z2100C9455A (HP 70)DetailsLIGHT MAGENTA  PIGMENT      STS-442     
DESIGNJET Z3100C9390A (HP 70)DetailsLIGHT CYAN  PIGMENT    STS-441       
DESIGNJET Z3100C9448A (HP 70)DetailsMATTE BLACK PIGMENT  STS-435         
DESIGNJET Z3100C9449A (HP 70)DetailsPHOTO BLACK  PIGMENT  STS-436         
DESIGNJET Z3100C9450A (HP 70)DetailsGRAY PIGMENT          WJ1165 
DESIGNJET Z3100C9451A (HP 70)DetailsLIGHT GRAY  PIGMENT          STS-437 
DESIGNJET Z3100C9453A (HP 70)DetailsMAGENTA  PIGMENT      STS-439     
DESIGNJET Z3100C9454A (HP 70)DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        STS-440   
DESIGNJET Z3100C9455A (HP 70)DetailsLIGHT MAGENTA  PIGMENT      STS-442     
DESIGNJET Z3100C9456A (HP 70)DetailsRED  PIGMENT          WJ6170 
DESIGNJET Z3100C9457A (HP 70)DetailsGREEN  PIGMENT          WJ421 
DESIGNJET Z3100C9458A (HP 70)DetailsBLUE  PIGMENT          WJ2119 
DESIGNJET Z3100C9459A (HP 70)DetailsCLEAR GLOSS OPTIMIZER           WJ828 
DESIGNJET Z3100psC9390A (HP 70)DetailsLIGHT CYAN  PIGMENT    STS-441       
DESIGNJET Z3100psC9448A (HP 70)DetailsMATTE BLACK PIGMENT  STS-435         
DESIGNJET Z3100psC9449A (HP 70)DetailsPHOTO BLACK  PIGMENT  STS-436         
DESIGNJET Z3100psC9450A (HP 70)DetailsGRAY PIGMENT          WJ1165 
DESIGNJET Z3100psC9451A (HP 70)DetailsLIGHT GRAY  PIGMENT          STS-437 
DESIGNJET Z3100psC9453A (HP 70)DetailsMAGENTA  PIGMENT      STS-439     
DESIGNJET Z3100psC9454A (HP 70)DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        STS-440   
DESIGNJET Z3100psC9455A (HP 70)DetailsLIGHT MAGENTA  PIGMENT      STS-442     
DESIGNJET Z3100psC9456A (HP 70)DetailsRED  PIGMENT          WJ6170 
DESIGNJET Z3100psC9457A (HP 70)DetailsGREEN  PIGMENT          WJ421 
DESIGNJET Z3100psC9458A (HP 70)DetailsBLUE  PIGMENT          WJ2119 
DESIGNJET Z3100psC9459A (HP 70)DetailsCLEAR GLOSS OPTIMIZER           WJ828 
DESIGNJET Z3200C9390A (HP 70)DetailsLIGHT CYAN  PIGMENT    STS-441       
DESIGNJET Z3200C9448A (HP 70)DetailsMATTE BLACK PIGMENT  STS-435         
DESIGNJET Z3200C9449A (HP 70)DetailsPHOTO BLACK  PIGMENT  STS-436         
DESIGNJET Z3200C9450A (HP 70)DetailsGRAY PIGMENT          WJ1165 
DESIGNJET Z3200C9451A (HP 70)DetailsLIGHT GRAY  PIGMENT          STS-437 
DESIGNJET Z3200C9453A (HP 70)DetailsMAGENTA  PIGMENT      STS-439     
DESIGNJET Z3200C9454A (HP 70)DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        STS-440   
DESIGNJET Z3200C9455A (HP 70)DetailsLIGHT MAGENTA  PIGMENT      STS-442     
DESIGNJET Z3200C9456A (HP 70)DetailsRED  PIGMENT          WJ6170 
DESIGNJET Z3200C9457A (HP 70)DetailsGREEN  PIGMENT          WJ421 
DESIGNJET Z3200C9458A (HP 70)DetailsBLUE  PIGMENT          WJ2119 
DESIGNJET Z3200C9459A (HP 70)DetailsCLEAR GLOSS OPTIMIZER           WJ828 
DESIGNJET Z3200psC9390A (HP 70)DetailsLIGHT CYAN  PIGMENT    STS-441       
DESIGNJET Z3200psC9448A (HP 70)DetailsMATTE BLACK PIGMENT  STS-435         
DESIGNJET Z3200psC9449A (HP 70)DetailsPHOTO BLACK  PIGMENT  STS-436         
DESIGNJET Z3200psC9450A (HP 70)DetailsGRAY PIGMENT          WJ1165 
DESIGNJET Z3200psC9451A (HP 70)DetailsLIGHT GRAY  PIGMENT          STS-437 
DESIGNJET Z3200psC9453A (HP 70)DetailsMAGENTA  PIGMENT      STS-439     
DESIGNJET Z3200psC9454A (HP 70)DetailsYELLOW  PIGMENT        STS-440   
DESIGNJET Z3200psC9455A (HP 70)DetailsLIGHT MAGENTA  PIGMENT      STS-442     
DESIGNJET Z3200psC9456A (HP 70)DetailsRED  PIGMENT          WJ6170 
DESIGNJET Z3200psC9457A (HP 70)DetailsGREEN  PIGMENT          WJ421 
DESIGNJET Z3200psC9458A (HP 70)DetailsBLUE  PIGMENT          WJ2119 
DESIGNJET Z3200psC9459A (HP 70)DetailsCLEAR GLOSS OPTIMIZER           WJ828 
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