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Required to administer even ink flow to the print head and filter out incidental outsized ink particles. Durable, and made of high quality polyethylene. Provides high filtration capacity and excellent solvent resistance. The micro-filtering screen blocks disruptive particles down to .5 microns. Available for Mimaki and Roland plotters.

EZ Fill Bulk Feed System
For Mimaki JV3, JV33, JV5 and Roland Plotters

This unique bulk feed system is ideal for high volume users who wish to reduce the cost of expensive OEM cartridges. Buy inks in bulk 1-liter or 4-liter containers and save. Just pour fresh ink into the wide loading barrel and replace the cartridge chip with snap-and-go convenience since it is placed outside the cartridge. EZ Fill cartridges feature an internal filter to purify ink and protect the print head during use, as well as a dual float system to maintain proper ink level. The cartridge is good for multiple fills and is due for replacement after normal wear and tear, typically after six months. Installation instructions.


Item # 9236-001

Cartridge Chips for
EZ Fill Bulk Feed System

The EZ Fill Bulk Feed System accepts one liter chips for Mimaki JV3, JV33, JV5 and Roland plotters. Please inquire for part numbers and pricing.









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