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Edible Inks
For Canon, Epson and HP Cartridges.

Bake-shop ready and developed for decorating cakes with computer designed images, which are printed on edible rice paper on standard inkjet printers. Expand your design horizons. Our edible inks are manufactured under exacting clean-room conditions to satisfy the strictest FDA guidelines for wholesome dietary requirements.
Kosher-certified ingredients.

Ink No.     Color
WJ1105    Black
WJ2131    Cyan
WJ6178    Magenta
WJ7067    Yellow
WJ2072    Light Cyan
WJ6106    Light Magenta

Pitney Bowes Postal Fluorescent Red
Thermal Print Head Cleaner
As a matter of function, inkjet printers will experience nozzle clogging and waste-ink buildup on the print head surface resulting in streaking, incomplete lines and generally poor quality printing. Clogging is normally caused by ink drying and solidification, or bubbles in the ink supply lines and nozzles of the printer. Image Specialists' WJ800 Printhead Cleaner is a dynamic, low-foam, high-viscosity fluid that is able to dissolve coagulated ink deposits and puncture bubbles in printheads and ink supply lines. Finely attuned with all OEM inks, cartridges and printing substrates. Ideal for use in recycling operations that refurbish inkjet cartridges.

Item # WJ800
Thermal Print Head Cleaner
Piezo Print Head Cleaner
Required for flushing and purging piezo print heads, commonly found in desktop printers and wide-format plotters using dye and pigment inks, such as those manufactured by Epson. This special solution works effectively to dissolve coagulated ink deposits and blow out bubbles in the print head as well as the ink supply lines. A must for refillers.

Item # WJ820
Piezo Print Head Cleaner
Krystal TopKote
For all Epson and Lexmark printers, and HP printers using HP51645A cartridge.
The ultimate protective sealant for preserving and enhancing the look of important ink jet printed images, pages and documents using gloss and semi-gloss media. When used on matte papers, will not turn the print glossy. Provides a tough and lucid liquid gloss coat that brightens images while guarding against marring and scratches and is more economical and efficient than applying a similar finish from a spray can.

From cost saving to an improved, beautified finish, the benefits are numerous:
  • Uniform, smooth and even coating
  • Control of coating thickness
  • Seals ink from pollutants
  • Eliminates bronzing and decreases metamerism
  • Water resistance
  • Extra UV protection
  • Improves color saturation
  • Facilitates removal of finger and light scratches without damaging the image
  • No more solvent smell, spray mist or spray-can disposal
  • Non-flammable

Item # WJ822
Krystal TopKote
Krystal TopKote requires a spare clean cartridge and a printer dedicated to the coating application. Fill the empty cartridge with Krystal TopKote as you would fill it with ink.
Run the printed image through the printer. The number of times you pass through the coating process determines the thickness of the film.
Coated prints are almost tack-free and dry to the touch of the print. Drying can be accelerated with the use of a hairdryer. Total curing takes about 24 hours.

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