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Privacy Policy
In the continuing effort to provide excellent service and anticipate customer needs and preferences, Image Specialists, Inc. may require information from you when you visit one of the Image Specialists, Inc. websites. Information about you may be collected using anonymous statistics as you browse the site or consist of personal information that you provide us. It is important that visitors to our website understand how this information may be used.

• We do not collect personal information about you unless you provide it.
• We do not provide or sell the names and addresses of any site users to outside vendors.
• Image Specialists, Inc. provides safeguards against unauthorized access to site user information.
• Image Specialists, Inc. collects, maintains and use customer information as required to improve products and services to to  
  address customers needs.
• Image Specialists, Inc. honors any users’ request to be removed from mailing lists.
• Image Specialists, Inc. maintains confidentiality of the user information when using outside contractors for projects.
• The Image Specialists, Inc. websites may contain hyperlinks to other sites. The Image Specialists, Inc. Website Privacy Policy   does not apply to these sites.
• If a user would like to be removed from mailing lists, any user may contact us.

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The statistics gathered as you browse the website may include how many users visit the website, what pages they visit, and from what domain and browsers they come. This information is compiled for the purpose of improving the Image Specialists, Inc. websites and monitoring performance.

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